AdvancedDVDPlayer Application 3.0.3


Advanced DVDPlayer Application is an application which allows users to play and navigate DVD, movies, songs, and image files. It has a built-in explorer where users can browse the computer for movies, songs, and pictures. The user can create a playlist by simply dragging and dropping the files to the application’s main interface.

The menu bar for Advanced DVDPlayer application has the selections for File, Edit, View, and Help. The toolbar has the frequently-used commands as Open, Play, Rewind, Forward, Zoom in, Zoom out, and a lot more. The built-in explorer is shown on the right side of the main screen. In this explorer, there is a dropdown menu where the users can select the file they would like to view. Users can click on the “Browse” button on the right side of the dropdown menu to look for files on the computer’s hard disk. Once the playlist has been selected, the filenames of the files included there are shown below it. The actual movie, song, or image file is displayed on the left side of the main screen. The user can also control the volume, progress, and balance of the files by using the simple slider tool on the bottom of the screen.