Advanced ZIP Password Recovery

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. (Shareware)

Advanced ZIP Password Recovery is an application for recovering forgotten or lost passwords for WinZip, PKZip, ZIP, ACE, ARJ, and RAR archive formats.

Program interface is simple, clean, and intuitive, and is intended for all kinds of computer users. All settings must be reviewed before accessing the program’s encrypted archive. Password recovery happens automatically if an item is checked in the archive. Attack modes may be dictionary-based attack, known-plaintext attack, and brute-force attack. Numerous attack mode functions include dictionary, brute force, plain text, mask, key passwords, and WinZip recovery guarantee. Users may also define plain text and auto saving file path, password characters, maximum and minimum password length, and dictionary files, according to selected attack mode. Brute-force attack mode’s speed is about 15 millions passwords a second in current CPUs such as Pentium 4. The amount of time to process a recovery is dependent on the password’s complexity.  Archives that are self-extracting, and those having a single encrypted file, as well as non-English password characters, may all be used with the application. Advanced ZIP Password Recovery may be paused and resumed at any time. The program uses a considerate amount of system hardware resources. When computer is in idle mode, the program can still run through the computer’s CPU.