Advanced Windows Password Recovery

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. (Shareware)

Advanced Windows Password Recovery, currently known now as Proactive System Password Recovery, is decryption program developed by ElcomSoft Company Limited. The main function of this application is to retrieve passwords to access any Windows system. Windows has expanded its reach by providing personal and network operating systems to power the computers available today. Part of its feature is to allow users to secure computer details by assigning passwords. In situations where human error occurs and such passwords have been forgotten, this software comes into play by retrieving the necessary password/s to access any Windows software.

The key feature of the Proactive System Password Recovery software is that it retrieves the password quickly and efficiently. This is accomplished because the application does not use the operating system, but rather uses its growing database to locate the right password. This program would be able to retrieve network passwords, log-in passwords, remote desktop passwords, CD keys, and wireless network passwords. The application also has a straightforward User Interface or UI, which lends to convenient navigation.

The application Advanced Windows Password Recovery is no longer available for distribution. Currently, it is called Proactive System Password Recovery. This new name carries all of the functions of its previous version, including improvements to the application.