Advanced TIFF Editor 3.7

Graphic-Region Development (Shareware)

Advanced TIFF Editor is a photo editing application. TIFF stands for Tagged Image File Format, and files of this type are used by many image-manipulation software. This program not only supports TIFF files but numerous image formats as well. It can also save output images  in various file formats. This application comes with plenty of tools for image edit processing, image viewing, batch processing, annotations for reading and writing, multiple image manipulation, and a lot more. It features a comprehensive line of image editing features, allowing users to do a wide range of changes or modifications to their projects.

This program a large number of formats, including PS, AI, and DIGICOM files. It can even access password-protected PDF files. It can open files with common graphic formats such as JPEG, BMP, and PNG. For image edit processing, users can mark and crop an image, including edge space. This program features Deskewing, a tool that can correct skewed images due to scanning or fax transmission; image clearing, which removes noise and isolated pixels; text inserting; eraser tools for correction; and canvas resize, among other editing tools. Other functions included in Advanced TIFF Editor include text recognition OCR, measurement tools, screen capture, customization options, TIFF tags, and administration tools.