Advanced Task Scheduler Professional 3.3 (Shareware)

Advanced Task Scheduler Professional is a program used for keeping track of tasks that are done on the computer. It can launch programs, open documents, access web pages, and open small reminders on the desktop. The program makes use of a simple and easy to use interface, making it easy to use by users of varying computer skills. The main window consists of tools and menus that are location at the upper part of the screen. The program also comes with a built-in task wizard that takes users through the process of using the features of the application.

The program’s scheduling options allow users to create schedules by adding the day, month, year, and even the exact time for the task. When a task has been added, users will be reminded of them with a pop up message on the desktop window. Furthermore, the program has a feature for keeping a log file of all the tasks and sending it to the user through email.

Here are the other useful features of the Advanced Tasks Scheduler:

• Can be automatically set to hibernate, shutdown, or restart the computer
• Different types of scheduling for all the user’s needs
• Capable of playing alarm sounds for upcoming tasks that need to be done