Advanced System Protector

Systweak (Proprietary)

Advanced System Protector is a program that enables users to protect their computers from various types of malicious programs. This program offers real time protection from all types of Spyware, Adware, Key Loggers, Browser Hijackers, and Malware. These kinds of programs can harm the computer system by making it slow down, crash, or freeze. Other types like Key Loggers and Browser Hijackers are used to steal information such as account usernames and passwords in order to make unauthorized changes in a user’s online account or the computer system. Advanced System Protector detects these malicious programs and blocks them from entry before they manage to infect the computer. In addition, this program is also capable of scanning the computer for deep-rooted infections that may have slipped past the computer’s protection in the past.

Advanced System Protector offers a wide database that recognizes hundreds of thousands of various malicious programs. This program offers various types of real time guards that have its specific function:
• BHO Guard – this monitors the plug-ins installed in the user’s Internet browser and warns the user when a new plug-in wants to install itself.
• AppInit Guard – this guard monitors DLL files that control the application initiation ensuring that no application gets listed in the system’s Auto Start list without the user’s permission.
• Winlogon Shell Guard – this guard is similar to AppInit Guard. It monitors the Windows Shell registry settings and prevents applications from being loaded during Windows startup.
• Hosts File Guard – this guard is used to monitor the Hosts file and restricts any attempts to change it. This guard can get rid of automatic and unwanted browser redirects.
• IE Trusted Sites Guard – this guard keeps a list of trusted sites and prevents sites from being listed in the secure list without the user’s permission.
• IE Home Page Guard – this guard protects the user’s Internet browser from being changed by third party programs.
• Running Process Guard – this guard prompts the user to allow or restrict the execution of programs in the computer.
• Startup Guard – this guard stops any malicious software from embedding themselves in the startup folder, preventing them to execute during startup.
• Startup Registry Files Guard – this guard monitors any attempted changes in the computer’s Registry files.