Advanced System Optimizer Secure Encryptor

Systweak Inc. (Bundled)

Advanced System Optimizer Security Encryptor is one of the tools included in the Advanced System Optimizer program. The encryptor is a security utility that allows users to keep all their files on the computer private. This is useful for storing personal information, such as credit card details, usernames and passwords, tax returns, and other private files. The tool is especially useful for computers that are shared by several users. Users can add a password to their personal files, so these will not be accessed by unauthorized users. The tool is simple and easy to use even for novice computer users.

The Encryptor can be accessed from the File Encryptor tab under the Secure Encryptor feature of Advanced System Optimizer. There are four steps in encrypting files. First, users must select the files and folders to be encrypted. The next step is to provide a password for the encryption. This password must be supplied before files and folders that are encrypted can be accessed. Users can use a combination of symbols, letters, and numbers for the password to ensure maximum protection. On the main window of the tool, users can also view a system summary that shows the last encryption date, last encryption status, and the number of files encrypted by the program.