Advanced System Optimizer Memory Optimizer

Systweak Inc. (Bundled)

Advanced System Optimizer Memory Optimizer is one of the components that are included in the Advanced System Optimizer application. The Memory Optimizer is a tool that improves the computer’s performance by defragmenting files that are fragmented in order to optimize the system. The tool displays a graphical representation of the system’s files to see which sections can be improved. The home view displays a graph of the memory usage and each section is color coded. The components shown include the total memory, available memory, used memory, system cache, peak cache, and the available page file. There is also a bar that shows the available memory in the system.

The Memory Optimizer tool scans the computer and then optimizes the sections that can be improved. It has an automatic optimization feature that does not need user intervention, so it is easy to use even for novice computer users. After optimizing the system, program will be able to launch faster and the system will have a better response time. Optimizing the system also reduces sudden shutdowns of the system.

Other features of the Advanced System Optimizer Memory Optimizer application are the following:

• Does not clog up system resources
• Auto allocation of memory on different applications
• Capable of recovering memory leaks