Advanced Renamer 3.54

Kim Jensen (Freeware)

Advanced Renamer is a small program that allows users to rename several files all at the same time. The program offers 13 different methods for renaming files. Some of the renaming methods are the following:

• New Name with Tags – This method is used for completely changing the filename. The filenames are also given tags.
• Remove or Delete Part of a File Name – This is used for changing only a part of the file name. Users can specify the number of characters to be removed from the file name.
• New Names Based on a List of Names – With this method, users can type in a new filename or load a list of the new filenames to be used from a different source.
• Change file timestamp – The timestamp for the file can be changed to a fixed date and time, or to a new date and time based on the date and time on the file.
• Renumbering – This method is used to change the order of the numbers when a series of files are named with a number.

The other renaming methods offered by the Advanced Renamer include custom batch script, trim filenames, remove pattern from filename, and change file attributes.