Advanced Registry Optimizer 2010 2013

Sammsoft (Shareware)

Advanced Registry Optimizer 2010 is a system utility, which allows the users to scan, remove junk files, and fix errors on the Windows Registry. The main objective for using this type of software is to increase the performance of the computer. It is like a personal mechanic who pinpoints and cleans up the computer so it can work smoother. It can take out unnecessary items left by threats when users install certain applications as these items, including errors, can significantly slow down the performance of the computer, and will make it more vulnerable to crashes.

Advanced Registry Optimizer 2010 also has key features including the following:

• Improved NTFS performance – This feature disables the default checking of time stamps for the file that was last accessed.
• Improve Core Operating System Kernel Performance – This feature takes out resources that are allocated to unused drivers so they can be reallocated to more important tasks.
• Increased CPU Priority – This feature allows the user to reassign CPU priorities in order to reassign them to applications, which are being used actively.
• Increase maximum CPU threads
• Speed Up Windows startup – This feature lessens the time it takes for the computer to start up by moving all startup files into a cluster. Normally, the computer utilizes a lot of resources since it looks for the startup files on multiple locations. Having them saved onto one folder eliminates the searching time thus leading to faster startup time.