Advanced RAR Password Recovery

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. (Proprietary)

Advanced RAR Password Recovery is password-recovery software developed and released by ElcomSoft in April 2005. This program allows users to recover RAR archive files passwords. Advanced RAR Password Recovery uses different techniques to recover forgotten passwords; the most commonly used being the brute force attack wherein the program tries all possible password combinations.

Advanced RAR Password Recovery employs three types of attacks—Brute Force, Dictionary and Mask. When set to Brute Force, user can include all characters used in the password. Characters may include capital and small letters, symbols, digits, and space. Users may also specify the password length, the starting letter, and the ending letter. Mask applies if the user already knows some characters on the password as well as the corresponding positions. The program can then search for the missing characters to recover the complete password. Dictionary attack is useful when the password is a dictionary word and the cases were changed. Dictionary has two options—Smart Mutations or Try All possible upper/lower case combinations. The latter will take a longer time to decode, more so the longer the password length is.

Advanced RAR Password Recovery features an auto-save function, which would allow users to set the duration between saves. Thus, partially recovered password may still be continued even after computer shutdown or failure. Users may also set Advanced RAR Password Recovery either to run on background or in high priority. There is also a Minimize to Tray feature.