Advanced Port Scanner 1.3

Famatech LLC (Freeware)

Advanced Port Scanner, as the name implies, is a tool used for scanning ports in a Win32 platform. It is designed to assist users in scanning a configured port range on Windows computers. The program also provides descriptions for detected ports ranges. An HTML report system is included as well.

The program’s interface is straightforward. To use it, users only have to choose IP addresses and then input two ports in a range then click the Scan button to start scanning. The scan target can either be a single IP address or a group of range. The same goes for ports. The application also offers a default port list including Windows common entries. The program utilizes a multi-threaded engine allowing it to utilize the entire computer’s capacity. Users can also perform advanced scanning of various networks. To do this, the “Use Group of Ranges” checkbox is available, where users can add, update, and/or delete different IPs. This option is also available for ports for scanning different ports using the maximum speed.

Advanced Port Scanner also features advance configuration options, which can be accessed via the Options menu. The Options window is divided into four categories – Port Scan, Interface, General, and Compatibility. The program also features exporting scan results, which enables users to export the scan result to various formats.