Advanced PDF Password Recovery Pro

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. (Shareware)

Advanced PDF Password Recovery Pro is a program that helps users decrypt protected PDF files and open them. The program has user-defined masks and advanced templates in the Dictionary and uses brute-force action for the recovery process. Brute force is trying all possible passwords to open the document with the user’s help by specifying character types (caps, lower case, digits, and symbols) or the password length. If the user has the specific words used during the password creation, the Dictionary method requires a text file to create all possible combinations. Specifying a pattern can also help if the user knows a part of the password.

Advance PDF Password Recovery Pro supports the 40-bit and the 128-bit RCA encryption, as well as the 128-bit and w256-bit AES encryption. It allows users the option to remove JScript code, form fields and digital signatures on the files. It unlocks printing, copying, and editing restrictions on documents. It supports GPU acceleration and Adobe Acrobat (and Acrobat X) and other third parties that create PDF files. It has a patented technology that can recover 40-bit passwords fast. PDF files protected with DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology or some other third party plugins cannot be decrypted. The brute force method is effective only for short passwords, that have7 to 8 characters.