Advanced PDF Password Recovery 5.0.5

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. (Shareware)

Advanced PDF Password Recovery is an application that allows users to access PDF documents that are password protected. The program unlocks the restrictions that are applied to PDF documents to allow users to edit, print, and make changes to the PDF file. The Professional and Enterprise editions of the application are capable of removing the passwords of PDF files, too. The PDF file format makes use of two encryption formats – 40-bit and 128-bit encryption. The software removes these encryptions by manipulating the encryption keys used instead of trying to guess the password.

Advanced PDF Password Recovery makes use of four different methods in removing passwords from encrypted files. These are:
• Brute Force Attack – attempts to unlock password by trying all possible combinations
• Dictionary Attack – attempts different combinations of cases (uppercase and lowercase) and characters
• Thunder Tables Technology – this patented technology makes use of computed tables to speed up the password recovery
• Strong Password Recovery – performs a range of attach to get the original password of the file

The application supports all versions of Adobe Acrobat. It also supports third-party applications that create PDF documents. The program also has batch mode support that allows users to work on several PDF files simultaneously.