Advanced Outlook Express Password Recovery

Elcom Ltd (Shareware)

The Advanced Outlook Express Password Recovery program is an encrypting application created and released by ElcomSoft Company Limited. Its main purpose is to retrieve forgotten passwords from Outlook Express users. Outlook Express is a type of email application developed by Microsoft ideally to cater towards the use of personal emails. It depends entirely on the Internet for access, which means that without an Internet connection, the user’s email can’t be accessed. With Internet access, a user would be able to compose, send, and read emails. Users are also able to get news from news groups, as well as import data from other programs and clients.

The Advanced Outlook Express Password Recovery application features the recovery of passwords, logins, and server names for all news and mail accounts. The application could also retrieve passwords for Identities. It also supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook Express as well as multiple languages. Some of the key features of this application include IMAP4 and HTTP mail account support, the display of password storage type, copying password/s to clipboard, and showing the server type of an email account.

The Advanced Outlook Express Password Recovery is currently not available anymore. The website recommends its replacement, ElcomSoft Internet Password Breaker. The new application mentioned has all the features and functions of its predecessor and more.