Advanced Office Password Recovery 5.12.432

ElcomSoft Co.Ltd. (Shareware)

Advanced Office Password Recovery is a password recovery program developed by ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. It is used for recovering passwords in all supported Microsoft Office versions from Microsoft Office 2.0 to Microsoft Office 2010. It is capable of recovering, replacing, removing, or circumventing passwords for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and others. The program is available in three versions – Professional, Standard, and Home.

Advanced Office Password Recovery performs three types of recovery methods – Instant, Automatic, and Strong. Instant Recovery Password is performed in special cases when the user requires the password instantly. The Automatic Recover Password method is used for documents that are not categorized under the instant recovery section. It works by performing a preliminary attack then attempts to open the desired document using frequently-used passwords. It also uses dictionary-based words for recovering the password. For passwords that cannot be recovered using other methods, the program can use the Strong Password Recovery method, which allows users to provide clues about the password such as number of characters, or other things that might be useful to recover the passwords. This allows the program to recover the password faster.

The program uses two types of systems for recovery passwords. For most passwords, the program uses the dictionary attack system, which allows the program to perform password recovery based on the dictionary combinations. When this system does not work, it uses the brute force attack system, which uses a stronger password recovery system.