Advanced MP3 Catalog 3.36

Wizetech Software (Shareware)

Advanced MP3 Catalog is a simple tool used for managing and organizing MP3 collections. With this application, users can arrange their MP3 files by artist, by album, or any way they want. The application’s interface is simple and intuitive, which is ideal for novice and advanced computer users alike. The tools are located at the upper portion of the window. There are also six tabs on the main window. These are Catalog, Groups, Search, Duplicates, Playlists, and Tag & Rename. Furthermore, the program comes with a built-in audio player, which is located on the upper right portion of the main window.

Key features of the Advanced MP3 Catalog program are as follows:
• Duplicate MP3 Finder – The program comes with a duplicate finder tool that enables users to look for duplicate files in their MP3 collection so these can be deleted. This gives the user space to store more audio files.
• Drag and Drop – The application supports the drag and drop function. This allows users to rearrange their collection by just dragging and dropping files on the interface.
• MP3 Renamer – This tool is used for renaming files in the collection. It also supports batch processing that is used for renaming several files simultaneously in order to save time.