Advanced Lotus Password Recovery 2.11.335

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. (Shareware)

Advanced Lotus Password Recovery is a third-party password encrypting tool which was developed and distributed by ElcomSoft Company Limited. Its main function is to simply recover the password of any locked Lotus based document. Lotus SmartSuite is a variety of applications created by IBM for its users in creating different types of documents. It is a type of documentation program which rivals other documentation programs from the company’s competitors. Such documentation programs have specific functions for users to utilize. IBM designed Lotus programs for creating spreadsheets, email management, presentation creation, publishing applications, straightforward documents, and a lot more.

The main feature of the Advanced Lotus Password Recovery Software Is that it supports all versions of Lotus SmartSuite-based applications. The software is capable of tracing the main password used to protect specific files. Whether it is from an ordinary Lotus email or even confidential documents, the application would be able to determine the forgotten password to secure such documents. The right choice of the set of algorithms trace the password without any advanced settings or lengthy procedures required. The application is simple to operate - all the user needs to do is run the application and click on “Open”. The application also supports password recovery of multiple products, as well as support for multiple languages.