Advanced Key and Mouse Recorder 3.4.1

GrassSoftware (Shareware)

Advanced Key and Mouse Recorder is a program that is used for creating macros for tasks done with the mouse and the keyboard. The program is for both novice and advanced computer users, as it supports creating macros for simple tasks, as well as for more complex ones. The main interface is divided into various tabs including Macros, Hotkeys, Schedules, Triggers, and Systray Menu.

Users will find it easy to create a new macro with the wizard that is included in the application. It is capable of recording mouse movements and keyboard strokes. More advanced users can also create their own scripts from scratch. These scripts can then be edited manually, too. More of the program’s features are listed below:

• Scheduler – The program comes with its own scheduling function that allows users to schedule the playback of a macro. Some of the scheduling options include a specific time, monthly, weekly, or daily.
• Password Protection – This password tool enables users to protect their macros by adding a password to it. This way, unauthorized users will be unable to access it.
• Hot Key – Every macros created with the application can be accessed with a hot key combination. This is a convenient way of performing repetitive tasks.