Advanced IP Scanner 2.2.224

Famatech Corp. (Freeware)

Advanced IP Scanner is network-scanning software released by Famatech in May 2012. Advanced IP Scanner scans both wired and wireless networks to detect all the computers connected to it. This program also detects network devices like wireless devices and Wi-Fi routers. It also scans ports and detects all FTP, HTTPS, and shared folders. Advanced IP Scanner finds out the computers’ names, IP addresses, and MAC-addresses.

Advanced IP Scanner supports Radmin remote access software integration. Upon scan, Advanced IP Scanner detects all Radmin Server computers, enabling the program for one-click connection. With Radmin integration, remote PCs may be accessed in Telnet, Full Control, and File Transfer modes.

Advanced IP Scanner also supports batch administration. Advanced IP Scanner features Remote PC Shutdown of Windows-operated machines connected to a network. This can be done through default access or via password-protected access. If the network cards support a Wake-on-LAN feature, computers in a network may also be simultaneously woken up upon startup. These features are especially useful for system administrators. Users may also specify a set of computers and add these to a Favorites list. Launching Advanced IP Scanner will automatically load the said list upon startup. Users may also specify to scan the whole network or a defined list only such as the Favorites.