Advanced IE Password Recovery

Elcom Ltd (Proprietary)

In 2010, ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. released its Advanced IE Password Recovery software. This is an application that can be used to recover passwords on the Internet. It was specifically designed for the Internet Explorer browser. Websites that have been saved on the browser and the passwords that have been used to access them can be retrieved whenever necessary.
The passwords that have been stored in the browser's local passwords list as well as data from the AutoComplete form field strings can easily be accessed by the Advanced IE Password Recovery program. This particular software can also be used to manipulate content advisor password configurations. The user simply has to run the program using the same account name as those used online. This means that the same login account should be used or else the program will not be successful in any recovery attempts. Some of the current modifications on the program that users will find truly beneficial include:

• Improved interface (simpler, more user-friendly)
• New toolbars (ease of usage)
• New system menus (ease of usage)
• Interface splitters (multi-screen processing/access)
• Improved password reports (highly detailed, more specific)

The new modifications to this password recovery software also include improved AutoComplete string reports, modified crash reports, and modified compatibility options.