Advanced File Organizer 3.01

SoftPrime Development (Shareware)

Advanced File Organizer is a program used for managing plenty of information and for cataloging. The program can work with information on the computer’s hard drive or on an external hard disk connected to the computer. The application can work with a variety of media as well, including memory cards, USB thumb drives, CDs, and DVDs. The application displays media in the form of a file tree on the user interface. The tree is located on the left panel of the window and users can access the main folder, as well as the subfolders and the files contained in them.

When a folder is selected, its contents are displayed on the window. This includes filenames, file sizes, date when they were last modified, categories, and description. Information within a folder can easily be organized, as the program supports the drag and drop feature. The program also comes with an advanced search feature so users can easily find specific files in the system. More key features of the program are listed below:

• Supports archived files, such as ZIP and RAR
• The application is able to create reports from the information gathered from the computer
• Users can add comments and remarks to each item found inside folders