Advanced Email Extractor 3.5.1808

EMMA Labs (Shareware)

Advanced Email Extractor is a utility developed to collect business contact information from webpages. It can access online pages as well as HTML and text files located in the hard disk or connected storage media. Email addresses on specified webpages, even those requiring authorization prior to access, will be automatically extracted by this program, eliminating the need for the manual copying of email contact lists. This application has support for keyword search and proxy server use. The program works fast but uses minimal system resources.

One of the key features of the Advanced Email Extractor is its multisearch function, which allows users to search for email addresses among multiple search engines at the same time. This saves the user a lot of time in retrieving contact information. The program can also detect similar links automatically, so there will be no repetition of the same data. This makes the search faster and more efficient. This application also has the following features:

• Access to and compatibility with over 400 search engines covering 36 countries worldwide
• Search restrictions – users can limit searches according to country or document code page. Keywords may also be filtered using logical expressions.
• Multi-thread scanning mode – this allows users to have up to 50 documents processed at a time.
• HTML parsing – this application makes use of two HTML parsers: its built-in parser and the parser developed by Microsoft.