Advanced EFS Data Recovery

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. (Shareware)

Advanced EFS Data Recovery is an application that decrypts files that are protected by the Encrypting File System. Data recovery may be done even with reformatted system partitions, when protected disks are transferred into another computer, and with tampered encryption keys. A number of system administration lapses may also be recovered, such as user profile and account deletion, incorrect inter domain account transfers, hard disks (containing encrypted data)movement between computers, and misconfigured and missing data recovery authorities.

Data recovery of EFS- encrypted files is possible even with lost encryption keys. Lost and deleted keys because of disk reformatting may also be located via a sector-level disk scanning feature. Data recovery is done by sector by sector pattern matching and low-level mode hard disk scanning.  File decryption may be done when users may not be able to log on, such as cases when there are tampered encryption keys or systems cannot boot. SYSKEY protected Windows systems can also be decrypted. DES algorithms encrypted personal keys may also be used in conjunction with the application. The application’s File Tree tab now contains a Select Encrypted option, and disks with saved decrypted files may have new folders. Lastly, the “EFS related files” information has been made more descriptive for users.