Advanced eBook Inscriber

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. (Shareware)

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. released their Advanced eBook Inscriber software during the latter part of 2002. This is a type of program that allows its users to convert sealed eBooks into a different format. Sealed books are those which already have one layer of protection when it comes to content manipulation. The standard eBook format for most readers is LIT. This is the type of formatting that is protected by a digital rights management system making it compatible with a selected number of devices and reading programs. The purpose of the Advanced eBook Inscriber software is to convert LIT formatted eBooks into an inscribed version that further protects the file from illegal redistribution. The user can inscribe the eBook with personalized information.

This is an application that allows the eBook owner to add text on the file's presentation page. The added text will appear together with the book title and its author. This program functions effectively when it comes to LIT formatted eBooks that are sealed. There are eBooks which belong to the owner exclusive category and these can no longer be inscribed. Inscribed eBooks are automatically resealed. Even if it is sent out or shared, it will still bear the personalized information that has been inscribed on the original copy.