Advanced eBook Explorer

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. (Freeware)

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. released the Advanced eBook Explorer in August 2002. This program is meant for users that constantly rely on eBooks and their respective reading devices. The main purpose of this program is to help people organize their eBooks. Compatible with various reading devices and applications, the program also referred to as AEBEX organizes eBooks in such a way that all pertinent details are displayed on the reading device. This makes it easier for users to track the books on their devices and find the eBooks that they are interested in viewing.
People that patronize eBooks will find this program stable and easy to use. Some pieces of information that are retrieved and stored in the database include the following:

• Book Title
• Author
• Release Date
• Date Added
• Publisher

Information such as the number of pages of a book and the book’s category or genre are also included for storage in the program’s database. In addition to said info, the book’s ISBN or identification data are stored, among other info like file name, file size, permissions, PDF bookmarks, and other technical data.
Users can expect improvements on functionality and a more informational font system with the current version of this particular program. The Advanced eBook Explorer software also has a ReadAloud option where users are able to listen as the text is voiced by the application. It also encourages legal eBook purchases because it will only work with eBook files legally bought by the program user.