Advanced Disk Cleaner 6.0

Innovative Solutions (Freeware)

Advanced Disk Cleaner is a utility developed by Innovative Solutions. It removes all temporary files stored in a computer. It quickly scans the disks and the system first, and then displays all the garbage files. Users are allowed to choose which among the files and programs listed have to be removed. This program detects only the garbage files in the system.

Advanced Disk Cleaner has a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily navigate the application and perform tasks with just a click. Once launched, the application will automatically scan all the files stored in the disk and display a list of garbage files. Users can simply choose from the list which files have to be removed, and then click the “Clean” button.

Advanced Disk Cleaner provides users with an easy way to remove unnecessary and junk files in their computers. It frees up space on the computer’s disks, allowing more room for installing other programs and storing more files. This application offers the users several methods on how to delete these unnecessary files. First, files can be deleted and placed into the recycle bin. Second, the program may move the files to a special folder. Third the program can simply delete the files completely.