Advanced Archive Password Recovery 4.54

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. (Shareware)

Advanced Archive Password Recovery is an application that recovers protected passwords. It is capable of retrieving even the passwords that are encrypted by archivers. The program guarantees the recovery of passwords in less than an hour. It uses vulnerabilities and flaws in algorithms in order to recover passwords faster. In some cases, the program can decrypt passwords in just minutes. This can be done if there is at least one unencrypted file from that archive.

Advanced Archive Password Recovery makes use of two methods for decryption – Dictionary Attach and Brute Force Attack. In Dictionary Attack, the program uses a built-in dictionary in order to test single word and word combinations. These word combinations are tested using different cases. In Brute Force Attack, the program tests different password combinations. While attempting to recover passwords, the user can pause and resume the program anytime.

Other features of the Advanced Archive Password Recovery application are:
Supports self-extracting archives and archives over 4 Gb
Supports AES encryption
Universal compatibility
Optimized low-level code for optimum performance
User-defined tasks and advanced templates

The Advanced Archive Password Recovery application works silently in the background and utilizes idle CPU cycles only. It does not clog up system resources.