Advanced ACT! Password Recovery

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. (Proprietary)

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. released Advanced ACT! Password Recovery on May 2010. It runs on Windows and helps users retrieve passwords on their computer systems. Aside from recovering passwords that were once lost, this is a program that can also be used to replace these passwords if necessary. It can be used on all files created under the ACT! System including BLB (Binary Large Object), ADF (Amiga Disk File), and MUD (Multi User Database) files.
Advanced ACT! Password Recovery only requires a small amount of space on the user's hard drive. There are different types of contact management software that can be used with the Advanced ACT! Password Recovery system. It can also function efficiently with various ACT! programs. It can be used not only to retrieve, recover, or replace passwords, but can also be used to delete passwords that are no longer needed. Depending on the operating system, passwords may be deleted manually or automatically. The configuration of the application depends on the preferences of the user. Password recovery is the main function of this program, but it is also capable of other security elements. Removing, recovering, and deleting passwords are easy with the Advanced ACT! Password Recovery program especially because of the simple, user-friendly graphical interface.