Advance Steel

Graitec (Shareware)

Advance Steel is 3D modelling software purposely designed for engineers and steel detailers. It automatically creates fabrication drawings, bill of materials, and NC files. Simply put, Graetic developed this application to automate the entire CAD process. This accelerates the design phase either in a single or multi-user mode. Graetic is an Autodesk Application Developer since 1997 and a Unique Application Reseller since 2001.
Advance Steel provides users with a wide array of structural elements and design functions such as:

• Common Industry Frames and Bracings
• Common Profiles and Roofs
• Steelworks (stairs, railings, ladders, etc., including joints)
• Complex folded plates (e.g., conical or twisted)
• Welded, tapered and curved beams

More than 300 customizable automatic joints can be found in its libraries. Automatic part marks are assigned through dialog boxes so the user can define the numbering prefix, method, starting number, and increment. On top of the functions mentioned, Advance Steel has parametric steel connections that bridges Advance elements. It allows users to set parameters of the joint, process elements, transfer steel properties, and update steel connection. An apt report can be created with joints dimensioned and checked according to the Eurocodes 3 and AISC North American standards.

This easy-to-get-attune-with application also dimensions and labels 2D general arrangement based on the 3D-model. It should not be hard for users to get familiar with, as the predefined drawing styles are featured the same way with AutoCAD.