Advance Split Machine

Nikolas Ehrenberg (Freeware)

Advance Split Machine, often abbreviated to ADSM, is a simple tool for splitting large files into several smaller files. It supports splitting of .adsm file formats. The program has a simple user interface that allows both novice and advanced computer users to make use of it. Aside from splitting files, the application also supports unsplitting of files.

The program’s main interface is intuitive. Files can be added to the program by clicking on the “Add file” button at the right side of the window. Users can also add an entire folder that consists of files by clicking on “Add folder”. A list of all the files to be split is then displayed on the main window including their complete filename, total size, type, and path. The output location for the split file can also be changed by the user.

Unser the “set size of parts” area on the main window, users can select the size of parts available from the menu on the interface or manually set the size of parts. Users can also change the number of parts for the file to be split into. When all of the settings have been configured, users can click on the “Start” button to start the splitting process.