ADRIFT Runner 4.0

Campbell Wild (Shareware)

ADRIFT Runner is a utility that is built to accomplish one main purpose, and that is to play ADRIFT computer games which are especially dedicated to Interactive Fiction games. There has never been anything more exciting than play text adventures and ADRIFT is a recognized name in the genre. This program is the second part of ADRIFT and it is concerned mainly with playing the game. Meanwhile, the other component is the Developer is essential in creating new and better Interactive Fiction adventures.

Essentially, what this application does is to interpret the file created using ADRIFT Developer. In addition to this basic function, Runner has additional functionality that has been included to fulfill the requirements of modern players. Some of these are:
• optional control panel to shift from the keys to the mouse
• customization of color choices
• automatic completion of texts
• high-score table
• real-time map
One of the highlighted features of ADRIFT Runner is a built-in map that follows the movements of the player within a game. This map can be viewed from different perspectives and is presented in visually stunning 3D.

This application allows the games to run on virtually all platforms since it runs on Web browsers. This program also runs on different operating systems including Linux, Mac, and Window.