ADRIFT Manual 4.0

Campbell Wild (Shareware)

ADRIFT Manual is a helpful utility for developers who are involved with the conceptualization and development of Interactive Fiction games. In this type of game, the player has full control of the main character and can talk to the main character as well. Objects can be picked and dropped, too. Interactive Fiction games are a mash-up of two leisurely activities—playing a computer game and reading a book. There are certain rules that govern this type of game, but creators offer variations to players to entice them to play some more.

This application is instrumental in the creation of well-written games that belong to this genre so that players are encouraged to keep playing the game with the responses that they receive.

By using the ADRIFT Manual, game developers are offered a GUI-driven application that anyone can use efficiently. Because of the program’s numerous features it is considered as the definitive tool to use when it comes to Interactive Fiction games.

Users of this application can pick out choices from a drop down menu. Moreover, there is a separate editor for every item that is to be added. This program is easy to use, which makes it a preferred tool by those whose daily tasks involve working on interactive fiction games.