ADRIFT Developer

Campbell Wild (Shareware)

ADRIFT Developer is a free application that can be used to create new computer video games. This tool is developed in order to help game developers in designing fiction games that are interactive in nature. With this application the process becomes faster, easier and more fun to do. As of this writing, this program is still currently undergoing modifications. The latest version of this application features new user functions, multiple window frames, item references, and synonyms, among others.

ADRIFT Developer provides the user with all the tools needed in a dropdown list. With this program at hand there is no need to spend so much time coding the game. This means that it can also be used by beginners. It is equipped with organizing tools that assist the user in grouping together related items. Locations, characters, tasks, and objects can be brought together based on logical groupings.

ADRIFT Developer may be used to create layouts using a 3D map. When utilizing this function, users have a number of operations at their disposal, including rotating, dragging, resizing, and manipulating rooms. All these controls are available so that developers can concretize the concepts and ideas that they have for the particular game that they are in the process of creating.