Adobe Type Manager for NT

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Freeware)

Adobe Type Manager for NT is the Windows NT installment of Adobe Type Manager Light, a system of computer programs designed to automatically generate font bitmaps of PostScript-outlined OpenType or Type 1 format. It is mainly used for scaling fonts to improve their appearance on computer screens and enhance the rendering of each character. Its basic feature is "font smoothing," a command that adjusts fonts by preventing their tendency to appear jagged in the Windows NT OS. Adobe Type Manager for NT also enables users to print PostScript fonts on conventional printers that do not support the said format.  

The software was originally named Adobe Type Manager Deluxe, which was then referred to as a font-management program. After it was enhanced with a number of additional features, it was renamed Adobe Type Manager Light. Aside from "font smoothing," the system is equipped with secondary features including: simultaneous activation and deactivation of fonts, viewing and printing of samples, scanning duplicate font entries, examination of possible font format incompatibility, and identification of missing PostScript fonts on printers and monitors. Although Adobe Type Manager for NT does not support patching of Type 1 fonts, it can easily convert them to TrueType format through its font driver tool. Once converted, they are compatible for installation to the Windows NT OS.