Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe Gamma Loader

Adobe Systems, Inc. (Bundled)

Adobe Gamma Loader is a monitor calibration program. It is used for controlling the color temperature (tint) and brightness of a computer’s monitor. This allows the colors of the computer’s display to match with the colors printed. This program is developed by Adobe Systems, Inc. and it comes as a component of Adobe Creative Suite 3. The program is now discontinued after Adobe Creative Suite 3. Adobe Gamma Loader runs at startup to make the required adjustment to your monitor. This program offers an option to be disabled at startup if it is not required, especially when an alternative monitor calibration program is being used.

The program has a Control Panel that can be access to remove color casts in the display providing accurate image previews on-screen just as it will be displayed in different other devices. This program also allows users to create customized ICC profile allowing users to edit image files with more accurate colors. When using Adobe Gamma Loader, the color management changes are applied at a system level. This provides consistent view of the entire images on the display affecting not only Adobe programs but the entire computer. Any application in the computer system can use the ICC profiles generated by this program.