Adobe Streamline

Adobe Systems, Inc. (Proprietary)

Adobe Streamline is a line tracing program developed by Adobe Systems and released on 2001. The program enables users to convert bitmaps that had been scanned, into vector images. The program is designed to enable users to create images from line art or bitmap images. The program can also edit the colors or even colorize black and white or greyscale images. The program can likewise posterize images, as well as add special effects. It also comes pre-installed with tutorials for creating architectural sketches, brochures, business logos, movie posters, legal forms, and newsletters. The program can likewise create illustrations and stamp blocks. The program also provides export support to other Adobe products including Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Streamline features support for up to 256 colors in its conversion function. Users can also pick and create custom colors, as well as save them for future use. The program comes with interactive editing support enabling users to preview automatically any changes made to an image. This is possible through the Preview Mode. This mode allows users to view the whole image or just a specific part of it.

Adobe Streamline has already been discontinued in 2002. Adobe released Live Trace as part of its Adobe Illustrator CS2 graphics software suite. Live Trace offers improved control, quick tracing, and live link to the line image.