Adobe Story

Adobe Systems (Shareware)

Adobe Story is a screenwriting development application. Users can download the program to their computer or create an online account that they can access using a web browser. The program features a range of script types that follow standard script formats. Users can also create customized script formats to fit the requirements of any production. Adobe Story also has a feature called SmartType. SmartType provides a list of frequently used names, transition phrases, and dialogue so that they won’t have to be typed each time. The program also has a built-in dictionary and thesaurus.

With Adobe Story, writers can keep track of all the versions of the script as the program keeps a history of all the changes. Different versions of the script can also be compared side-by-side to accurately track changes and keep the consistency in the story.

The program also has production scheduling options for keeping track of shoots, scenes, costumes, and props needed for each scene. In addition, there are also ten types of production report templates available, such as costume continuity sheets, call sheets, camera cards, and many more.

Adobe Story accounts can be accessed anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection. Writers can receive notifications on their mobile phones whenever changes or updates are made to the script.