Adobe SpeedGrade

Adobe (Shareware)

Adobe SpeedGrade is an advanced and powerful color grading application. With its GPU-accelerated Lumetri Deep Color Engine feature, it allows one to create layer-based color grading of a professional quality to different video projects. Outputs can be that of any format from a handheld device to that of the big screen.

The perfect color look can be made for any project since the application provides precision grading for entirely different types of file-based footage. Sources may be those of HDR and RAW content. File integrity is maintained since the application does not crush shadows or highlights from it. Adobe SpeedGrade’s redesigned interface also allows a user to streamline grading endeavors in a logical and organized workflow. Primary and secondary color corrections can be implemented on a whole or certain aspect of a frame. .Look files for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects can also be used for improved visual consistency. Classic and modern film effects are also made possible by a range of predesigned .Look files.  Filters also assign specific effects such as glow, sharpen, or soften.  The application’s audio support facility also incorporates audio tracks into your project that is beneficial in client presentations.  In addition, dailies and other editorial material are easily prepared and completed because of the application’s file metadata and camera support.