Adobe Soundbooth CS4

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Proprietary)

Adobe Soundbooth CS4 is the second generation of the Soundbooth application. This audio editing software is used for editing and creating audio projects. It offers several audio tools for creating audio projects, editing music, adding effects, and customizing music projects. The program is available as a standalone program or as a component of the CS4 Production Premium, Web Premium, or Master Collection.

The CS4 version of Soundbooth offers several improvements and new features which include the following:

• Support for Multi-tracks – Soundbooth CS4 has the ability to handle multiple audio files simultaneously. This allows users to handle various audio elements within an audio track.
• Adobe Sound Document – Soundbooth CS4 features the ASND (Adobe Sound Document) file format that allows nondestructive editing. This allows users to retain original source files while having the ability to edit those files using a different file format.
• Volume Keyframing and Automatic Volume Matching – These are two additions to the CS4 version of the program. Volume Keyframing allows users to adjust the volume while the other new feature is used to equalize volume levels.
• MP3 Compression Preview – This new feature is used to preview the quality of the audio at any bitrate when working on an audio with an MP3 format.
• Improved Looping Tools – Several improvements have been made on the program’s looping tools including automatic beat detection.

Aside from these, the program also offers improved Adobe Products integration, enhanced editing abilities, new Soundbooth Scores, Speech Search, and more. Development and production of Soundbooth was discontinued on April 24, 2011. The program was replaced by the Adobe Audition.