Adobe Soundbooth CS3

Adobe Systems (Proprietary)

Adobe Soundbooth CS3 is an audio editing application developed and released by Adobe Systems, Inc. The program offers the necessary tools for creating and polishing audio projects. It also provides various sound effects and allows users to customize various types of music. The program is available as a component of the Adobe CS3 Production Premium and Master Collection.

Aside from the audio editing tools, Soundbooth CS3 offers several features including the following:

• Audio Cleanup and Repair – Soundbooth CS3 provides cleanup tools for removing unnecessary noise artifacts and backgrounds from an audio file. It has the ability to make audio tracks sound clean while preserving the quality of the file.
• AutoComposer – This Soundbooth CS3 feature is used for customizing the music’s mood and length. It also offers several Soundbooth Scores. Keyframes are also available for modifying and customizing the scores’s tone, length, and intensity.
• Polishing and Vocal Improvement – The program offers tools and functions specifically designed to polish and improve the vocals of a music file. It includes several mastering effects and configuration options to ensure users get the exact sound that they are searching for. There are also Effects Rack presets available.
• Audio Filters – Soundbooth CS3 features over 15 audio filters that allow users to add effects and other audio settings to a music file. These filters can be used to compress music, add noise, add reverb, and more.

Development of Soundbooth was discontinued on April 24, 2011. It was replaced by Adobe Audition.