Adobe Premiere Pro CS3

Adobe Systems (Proprietary)

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 is a program developed by Adobe Systems for timeline-based video editing. The CS3 version was officially released on July 2, 2007.  The program offers tools and functionalities for editing videos, creating movies, and adding video effects/transitions. It comes as a standalone software and as a component of Adobe CS3 Master Collection and CS3 Production.

Premiere Pro CS3 provides several changes including the following:

• Adobe Products Integration – Aside from the main program itself, Premiere Pro CS3 also includes other Adobe products including Adobe OnLocation CS3, OnLocation CS3, Bridge CS3, and Device Central CS3.
• Mobile Devices Output – Premiere Pro CS3 offers users the ability to compress video files for mobile devices. The Media Encoder included in the program allows users to encode and export video files for mobile phone playback.
• Additional Editing Tools – The CS3 version of Premiere Pro offers additional editing tools that allows users to hear audio tracks, update sequences, play back music in nested sequences, replace video clips, and more.
• Smart File Filtering and Multiple Projects Panel – This version provides new features that enables users to organize files. It also offers the Smart File Filtering function for searching individual files.
• High-quality slow motion – Premiere Pro CS3 also provides users the ability to create retime effects like variable-speed slow motion and backward playback.