Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0

Adobe (Proprietary)

Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 is a movie editing software released in 2005. The interface offers an intuitive environment where users can organize, edit, enhance, and share videos using the Action Bar. Depending on the level of knowledge of the user, they can choose between Quick and Expert editing modes. The Quick mode is geared towards users who have no prior experience on video editing but can only follow some intuitive icons and functions, while the Expert mode allows the user to define more parameters and require a little more expertise or willingness to experiment compared to the Quick mode.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 include an Auto Analyzer which automatically tags the videos, songs and photos which the user uploads so they can easily be found and utilized when needed. Other key features of this software include the following:

• Movies made using this software can be burned to DVDs using standard burners.
• Movies created can be shared on high quality AVCHD format.
• Movies created can be uploaded to Youtube and other destinations on the Web, without distortion on video quality. Those can also be shared on mobile delives like Ipad, Ipod, and other mobile phones.
• Movies are optimized to fit different viewing hardware. Videos can be seen on traditional television (4:3) and widescreen (16:9).