Adobe Prelude CS6

Adobe Systems, Incorporated (Proprietary)

Adobe Prelude CS6 is an application developed by Adobe Systems, Incorporated which is used for preparing videos for editing. The program allows a streamlined workflow for the video editor. It is also integrated with Adobe Pro CS6, which is used to post-process videos.

The software captures clips through the process of ingesting. The user can ingest entire clips or partial clips to facilitate faster selection. With this software, the controls can be accessed directly from the keyboard. While capturing the clips, the user can already specify the editing format. The software also allows the use of markers and subclips. These markers help in organizing the clips and make the footages searchable. The program also allows users to add comments on the clips. From the set, the user can create a rough-cut. The rough cut is a list of clips due for editing.

The clips can be viewed as lists or as thumbnails. The program also provides a confirmation alert when clips are ingested successfully. The program also provides speech transcription notes through Speech Analysis. This is possible when the clip is captured from Adobe Premier Pro to Prelude. The program also allows customized workflow through:

• integration with third-party systems
• temporal-based, custom markers made from ActionScript
• imported event metadata which are taken from other workflow sources