Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit 2.5

Adobe Systems (Proprietary)

Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit is a program that serves as the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating and editing codes for Adobe Pixel Bender. Adobe Pixel Bender (previously called “Hydra”) is a programming language developed by Adobe Systems that is used in describing image-processing algorithms. The program is based in OpenGL Shading Language or GLSL, another program language similar to OpenGL fragment shader and C++. Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit is part of the Adobe Creative Suite pack of programs used in developing graphic and multimedia projects. This program is supported, and works with other Adobe applications such as Adobe After Effects and Adobe Flash player in creating multimedia projects. However, Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit’s primary purpose is to provide users with a graphical user interface where they can perform mathematical, scripting, and coding operations. Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit is use to deliver common video processing and image infrastructures used in graphics cards and other multimedia runtime environments.

Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit features a user interface that contains three parts. The first part is the image display section where users can preview the graphic representation of their Adobe Pixel Bender project. The next part is the coding or scripting space where users can type in or program codes or scripts used in editing their project. This section also contains line numbers that assists users in locating specific program code components. The last part is the settings panel where users may configure the other attributes of their project such as pixel radius, axis, angle, etc. Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit projects are saved with a file extension name .pbk.