Adobe Photoshop CS

Adobe Systems, Incorporated (Proprietary)

Adobe Photoshop CS is the first version of the rebranded and renamed Photoshop. This version was first released in October 2003. This program is used for editing and creating images and photos. It provides various advanced tools for these functions.

The CS version provides several modifications and additions to the program. Here are few of them:

• Improved File Browser – The CS version of Photoshop included an enhanced File Browser wherein it is now a separate digital imaging hub. This File Browser includes editable and keywords metadata, which enables users to organize and find image assets easily. Batch processes are also supported.
• Histogram Palette – This new feature enables users to monitor changes made to images.
• Match Color – This feature is used for reading color statistics of an individual layer or image. It is also used for applying the colors. This feature allows users to create a consistent image in a group of shots.
• Highlight/Shadow Corrector – This new tool is for curing exposure issues. It does this while preserving the image’s midtones.
• Layer Comps – Photoshop CS added this feature for capturing variations in a design within a single image.

Aside from this, Photoshop CS also offers features like Text on a Path, Macromedia Flash Export, Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts, and an Integrated Camera Raw Support.