Adobe ® PageMaker ®

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Shareware)

Adobe PageMaker is a page layout and desktop publishing application initially released in 1986 by Adobe Systems Incorporated. It is used for creating different types of publications such as newsletters and brochures. Users may choose to create publications from scratch or choose from different predesigned templates that can be adjusted according to the users’ needs. The program is also integrated with different Adobe products.

PageMaker offers design and layout features. It has placeholder frames as well as nonprinting guides to assist users in positioning objects precisely. The application also offers Master Pages for specifying and applying various page designs like column guides, margins, and backgrounds. Layers are also available in this program. These layers can be used for setting up single files for multiple publication versions and adding annotations. The Adjust Layout feature is also available, which can be used for repositioning, resizing, and reflowing certain objects automatically when revising layout framework.

Adobe PageMaker features advanced word-processing capabilities. It offers the Story Editor tool with added formatting tools for texts. This tool can be used to insert tables, spell-check and set indents, and tabs. The program also has typographic capabilities that offer users access to the same layout effects graphic designers use. Importing images from different graphic programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator is also possible. Other features offered by this program include advanced printing options, enhanced PDF export, templates and clip arts.

Adobe PageMaker has been discontinued starting March 30, 2004.