Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Shareware)

The Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES is a program used by developers and authors to create document templates that combines XML data handling with dynamic presentation. It is a component of the Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite and the LiveCycle Workbench.

The Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES program integrates forms and documents with the enterprise data. Merged data is accommodated by automatic paginating, growing to generate space, or including/excluding design elements.

One of the main features of this software is the use of advanced data binding to web services, XML data files, databases, and XML schemas. It also features an Action Builder that can be used to simplify the development of forms/document templates. JavaScript codes and FromCalc can also be checked to search and correct certain programming errors using the Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES application.

The LiveCycle Designer ES software features data capture field objects such as barcodes, dynamic tables, and comb fields. These data capture field objects can be merged with business systems through the use of data binding.

Creating patterns or choosing from a set of patterns to manage the validation and input formats of data is also possible using this application. The LiveCycle Designer ES program is also used to utilize and modify predefined form fragments, which are a set of objects or field (address block, company description, financial statements, etc) grouped together.