Adobe InDesign CS3

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Proprietary)

Adobe InDesign CS3 is a desktop publishing application that allows users to create flyers, magazines, books, posters, and many more. The features of the application increase efficiency and improve creativity when designing. The application offers Photoshop effects on objects without making permanent changes to the objects. These can be saved to be later used with other projects. It also comes with several effects, such as drop shadow, feather effect, gradient feather, bevel and emboss, satin, and many more. With Adobe InDesign CS3, designers can have more control over creating designs with the transparency controls. This feature enables designers to apply transparency settings on the different elements that make up the project to come up with more complex looks.

The program has several tools that will increase productivity. These include multi-file place functions, expanded quick apply, faster frame fitting, and visual pages panel. There are also tools for adding tables and cell styles to the projects.

Adobe InDesign CS3 is capable of multi-format publishing. Projects can be exported as XHTML, and page layouts can be used as layouts on web pages. The program’s interface is fully customizable and users can arrange panels and customize menus, too. The changes made to the interface can be saved as workspaces so that they can be applied when opening a new project.