Adobe ImageReady (tm) CS2

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Proprietary)

Adobe ImageReady CS2 is a graphics editor designed for editing bitmap images. Bitmap graphics, which is represented by the extension code .bmp, is a binary image format that is composed of black and white and color pixels arrayed in a rectangular domain. This image format is used in early versions of web-based images and computer graphics. Adobe ImageReady CS2 was used from 1998 to 2007 until it was discontinued by Adobe Systems when it introduced Adobe Fireworks and the Adobe Creative Suite applications. This program contains features similar but less than Adobe Photoshop. With Adobe ImageReady CS2, users can edit web and standalone graphics files, create animated GIFs, optimize image compression, perform image slicing and rollover effects, and generate HTML codes. In addition to these, Adobe ImageReady CS2 contains six special tools. These tools include Toggle Image Map Visibility, Toggle Slice Visibility, Export Animation Frames as File, Preview Document tool, Preview in Default Browser, and Jump to Photoshop tool.

Adobe ImageReady CS2 features a user interface that looks similar to Adobe Photoshop. The program provides three main control parts. The first part contains the main menu and command buttons where users can perform basic operations such as open, save, copy, edit, and paste within the program. The next control part contains a set of customizable toolbars where users can add or remove tools that they frequently use. These toolbars can be placed on the edges of the program window. The last part includes the project window where users can edit and work on their bitmap projects. Users may open multiple projects at a time allowing them to work on multiple projects simultaneously.